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Support For The Essential Group

Monday's 10-11am

A group catered to medical personnel and front line workers.

We’re very excited to announce WHI will be offering a completely free, virtual drop-in support group dedicated to first responders and medical personnel. 

We can’t begin to thank our community heroes for all they have provided through this challenging time.

Baby's Grasp

Let's Talk Therapy Group

Monday's 12:30-2:30pm

A therapeutic program for pregnant and postpartum women. 

While pregnant, we are often taught to think of and care for the expecting baby, but too often we forget to care for ourselves. 

Join our therapy group designed to assist mothers and mothers-to-be needing mental and emotional support through their pregnancy and postpartum journey. Each group session is facilitated by a licensed therapist, experienced in perinatal mood disorders and changes that come with the perinatal and postpartum periods.

Support Group

Hope Women's Center Phoenix

9:00 am Support Group
10:00 am ROSE

11:00 am Family Fabric Support Group 

12:00-2:00 pm Support Group Apache Junction location

All groups are bilingual.

ROSE is an educational class provided during pregnancy in settings that provide health care to low-income pregnant women. We have received funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to help clinics/agencies that serve low-income pregnant women learn and use ROSE as part of their routine care. ROSE is highly structured, easy to learn and can be delivered in both Spanish and English.
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