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Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Specialized treatment and support for maternal mental health including identification of symptoms related to PMADs like OCD, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Lifespan of Parenthood

Our team of family therapists is committed to assisting families and parents through the challenges that are presented with different stages of parenthood by implementing behavioral health best practices.


Trauma looks different to everyone. Our specialists are trained to treat clients who have experienced trauma and focus on providing individualized, high-quality care to address these events.

Substance Use

& Parenting

Our counselors are experienced in facing difficulties related to becoming a parent with substance abuse. Our goal is to build resilient families with the ability to work through these challenges.

East Valley Perinatal Network
The East Valley Perinatal Network (EVPN) is the flagship program supporting the primary mission of Women’s Health Innovations of Arizona (WHI). The EVPN was created in 2016 as a community partnership, funded by Dignity Healthcare. Since the development of the EVPN, Women’s Health Innovations of Arizona has trained thousands of professionals and community members, in addition to providing free or low-cost services at the hospital bedside, in-home, in-office, and in the community to hundreds of families.
 The EVPN is a grant-funded, donor-driven program financially supporting the uninsured or underinsured. As a Qualified Non-Profit Organization, all donations to Women's Health Innovations of Arizona all donations are put directly toward paying for the variety of services the EVPN team provides to their clients and are tax-deductible. In order to sustain our program, WHI supplements donations from the community by investing our profits into the EVPN to widen the positive impact we make on our community.
The ROSE Program
The ROSE Program (Reach Out, Stay Strong, Essentials for mothers of newborns) is an empirically-validated prevention intervention for postpartum depression. The ROSE Program has been specifically cited in the new U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation regarding the prevention of perinatal depression, as well as in the New York Times.
We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Michigan State University and Brown University, offering an evidence-based program that has been shown to reduce cases of postpartum depression by half among low-income women in a series of randomized control trials.
ROSE is an educational class provided during pregnancy in settings that provide health care to low-income pregnant women. We have received funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to help clinics/agencies that serve low-income pregnant women learn and use ROSE as part of their routine care. ROSE is highly structured, easy to learn and can be delivered in both Spanish and English. 
Learn more about the program here.
ROSE Program
Perinatal Mood &
Anxiety Disorders
We offer specialized treatment and support for maternal mental health disorders. Our highly-trained team includes peer perinatal coaches who walk alongside women and their families helping to navigate the available resources community wide. Our focus is on meeting the needs of under-served and/or uninsured pregnant, postpartum and parenting families. 

At WHI of Arizona, we treat women and families as a team. Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) are never an isolated problem to be dealt with as an individual. We believe in a collaborative approach involving the entire family. Our treatment may include couples counseling, support groups, psychiatry, healthy family home visits, and more.
​We understand the process of becoming a parent and moving through the many transitions of parenthood can be full of joy,  but also stress and struggle.
Many families are dealing with infertility, loss around parenthood, special needs, medical needs, school transitions to empty nesters. We are here to walk alongside you as you navigate these transitions and all that comes with them.
Lifespan of Parenthood
Defining a traumatic event is in the eye of the beholder.  Trauma is a distressing or disturbing event.  Many things can be considered traumatic - a diagnosis, bereavement, abuse, a natural disaster, an accident.  We understand and respect the individual's experiences and need to move through them in their way.  Our team has specialized training in assessing and treating trauma so you can be the best you can be.
Substance Use & Parenting
Parental substance use can affect prenatal development, as well as early childhood and adolescent development. The parent may have difficulty in assuming a parental role. Our professionals have experience in counseling families going through these obstacles and focus on building resiliency within the family while demonstrating effective coping skills for each individual.
Substance Use & Parenting
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